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Meet Amy N. Kaplan: An Imaginative Author With Ink-Stained Fingers

Amy N. Kaplan may have ink-stained fingers, but her heart brims with imaginative stories to share. This passionate writer has been penning tales since she could first hold a crayon. With over 15 published works spanning children's books, poetry, memoirs and fantasy fiction, Kaplan's versatile creativity knows no bounds.


Born in Chicago but well-traveled, Kaplan absorbed inspiration from living in eight different states and Australia. Her journey has been marked by both family connections and personal trials, including raising four children, gaining one step-son and two grandchildren. Through it all, Kaplan has persevered with resilience and a spirit of self-discovery.


Kaplan's writing career began by self-publishing helpful tabletop gaming journals. The positive response paved the way for her popular "Free Range" children's book series. These interactive, choose-your-own adventure stories put creative power in the hands of young readers while bringing classic tales like Three Little Pigs to life.


Now, new projects await Kaplan's imaginative spark, including stories told from the wolf's perspective and adventures centered around Australian animals. Fantasy romance and even a fiction series also dance within this author's mind.


While ideas spill constantly from her head to notebook, Kaplan makes time for beloved hobbies too. Gaming, reading and antiquing with her supportive husband often inspire her writing. As does her lifelong love of sci-fi and fantasy stories from Monty Python to Star Wars; hints of which sometimes wink through the pages of her tales.


Whether she's working through heartbreak or injecting humor, Kaplan draws raw emotion from extreme life highs and lows. Her poetry and short fiction contain profound reflections on relationships, identity and trauma that resonate with the human experience. Still, Kaplan always returns to her heart's joy in creating, no matter the genre. Indeed, her fingers may be ink-stained, but this author's imaginative spirit could never be contained.

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